Predator Prey - Sandy Long Photos

Came upon the remains of a raptor while ambling with camera. Predator had become prey, sustaining some unseen wild life that left a large puddle of feathers punctuated with wing-chunk. Downy clumps, stirred by air moving over melting snow, waved fragile fronds.

Another death was transpiring in my hands, as failing camera delivered images fading to ghostly glimpses with artful smears of pink at the edges.

Returning home, I read Brian Doyle’s masterful essay, “Raptorous,” in Orion magazine’s August 2014 issue and was reminded, “We are all hunters in the end, bruised and battered and broken in various ways, and we seek always to rise again, and fit deftly into the world, and soar to our uppermost reaches, enduring with as much grace as we can.” Amen.

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